Dreamweaving Workshop with Catch Your Dreams

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Sunday, January 22 - 11am to 5pm

Join Dallal of Catch Your Dreams as she teaches wonderful souls to be Dreamweavers...create your own Dreamcatcher! I have built two Dreamcatcher's with Dallal, and each time, this journey has brought me to my heart space, helping me to dig deep into my desires and bring life to my Dreamcatcher's. Working with these Dreamcatcher's have kept me connected to my desires, and dreams!! Dallal assists you each step of the way to bringing your Dreamcatcher to life! With Dallal’s deep understanding and connection to the dream world, her guidance is direct, heart centered, and empowering.


This is what Dallal has to say...

“The process of creating your own personal dreamcatcher is called Dreamweaving. Dreamweaving is about setting an intention for your Dreamcatcher before you weave it, consciously creating a Dream for yourself.

At the workshop, I (Dallal) will guide you through the process of creating your dreamcatcher, sharing the stories and teachings of the dreamcatcher.

As you weave your Dreamcatcher,  you will receive messages and guidance on your Dream (intention or story).

* This workshop will guide you through the art of weaving your story into consciousness. We will focus on weaving a WISH into your catcher. A process of ritual creation and manifestation."

You will have the choice of...
* 10 inch hoop catcher
* a willow bent branch catcher
* triangle branch catcher


If you have personal items that relate to your intention/wish, please feel free to bring them with you and we will incorporate them into your dreamcatcher.


This workshop is happening on Sunday, January 22 - 11am to 5pm
Investment - $130
There are two options for payment
$75 non refundable deposit to hold your space, with remaining on day of workshop.
Pay in full now 
Please note…registration of $75 must be paid to hold your spot for this workshop.


▪️There are 8 spaces available for this workshop
▪️ Adults only - must be 18 or older
▪️ Open to all genders



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