Drum Circle Gathering

Drum Circle Gathering

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Thursday, November 23 @ 7pm


Embark on a Transformative Rhythm Journey: Drum Circle Event!

Immerse yourself in the powerful experience of a Drum Circle, a space of heart felt connection. For the past few years, drumming has been an integral part of my personal journey (Tracy). Drumming has been a method to nurture deep connection, meditation, and has been a source of inner guidance. Drum Circles can foster a safe space where individuals can come together, access the transformative potential of communal drumming, and explore its healing rhythms. 

At this Drum Circle, I (Tracy) invite you to bring your drum and join a community of like-minded souls. Through the heartbeat sound and engaging in drum exercises, discover the incredible synergy that can arise when we unite in rhythm. This event is open to everyone who has a drum, and aiming to foster unity and heartfelt connections among participants. Come and immerse yourself in the healing sounds generated by the collective rhythm.

This Drum Circle isn't just an event; it's an invitation to find your center, tap into the power of rhythm, and discover the profound unity that emerges from the beating heart of the drums.

Join for a transformative experience that delves into the power of rhythm, fostering unity and a deeper connection with oneself and others. Let's create a harmonious rhythm together!


Event is Thursday, November 23, 2023 @ 7pm

Investment - $20

Pre-registration is encouraged to secure your spot. Drop-ins may be available on the day of the event if it is not sold out. Secure your place and join us for a harmonious rhythm experience!

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 Photo credit to Pam Walker

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