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Goldstone demands attention with its flash and flare of sparkle! These man made stones are colored glass that contains flecks of copper, giving the attractive appearance of glitter and sparkle.

Known as the Stone of Ambition, Goldstone can assist you with building courage, drive and confidence.  This may be a good assistant for helping you get your project tasks done and completed.  With the beauty of sparkle, Goldstone can uplift your spirit, and bring a gentle flow of enjoyment into you and your space.  On a day where you may be feeling down, or needing an extra little pep to your step, carry a Goldstone in your pocket.

This stone also carries the properties of copper, as it contains copper flecks and creating the sparkle within this stone.  Copper is known is help with abundance and opening up constructive communications. When paired with earthly stones, Copper can intensify and enhance the stones properties.  Copper is also attributed to helping with soothing issues in the joints.

TUMBLED - Between 3/4” to 1” in size

Stones sold individually

🌿Due to the natural nature of stones, shapes, sizes, and colors can range.  The stone you receive may not be exactly as shown in picture.  Sizing is approx.

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