Harmony Heart

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Discover the essence of harmony with our exquisite Harmony Hearts. Crafted from nickel free metal and adorned with hand painted designs, these delightful treasures encase enchanting chimes that unleash a serene symphony in the palm of your hand, your pocket, or nestled within your purse. Embrace the soothing ambiance wherever you go, and let the melodies of our Harmony Hearts gracefully infuse your life with tranquility and joy. 

Offering a Harmony Heart as a gift bestows serenity and peace, resonating with each chime that echoes in the receiver's ears, a gentle reminder of your love and care. For expectant mothers, cradle a Harmony Heart close and let its soothing melody caress your unborn child, creating an aura of tranquility and calmness for your precious baby. 

Hearts are made from nickel free metal
Hand painted  
4.5cm wide