Henna Kit

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Michelle of HE3ART offers you her passion to take home! A Henna Kit with all you need to create your own Henna beauty! The very same Henna that Michelle uses in her own Henna designs is included in this kit  a safe and natural Henna! 

Did you know that Henna powder comes from a plant?! Harvesting the leaves, they are dried and ground to be used as a natural dye for skin and hair! Henna is rich in history, and is a favorite here at the store with our Drop In Henna Days! 

This kit includes sifted Henna powder, oil, instructions, and cones! Simply add lemon juice, sugar. Voila! Henna Magic at home!! 

Michelle has made certain you have all you need to create and play, with a design sheet offering you ideas to create your own beautiful Henna magic.

Check out Michelle's  Henna Mixology Live Video! She walks you along the process of mixing up your henna for your best success

Kit Yields Approx 3oz
making 3-5 cones of henna 
For design ideas, check out www.henacaravan.com for a free download