Merkaba Crystal

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 The word Merkaba is made of three words...

Mer, which means light
Ka, which means body
Ba, which means spirit

The Merkaba symbol represents the connection of spirit and body which are both wrapped in light.  Use with meditation practices to tap into the source of your power and enlightenment.

Merkaba also assist you in living your full potential, expanding your goodness from within.  

Choose from the following crystals...

Green Aventurine - Heart healing stone, encourages compassion.

Rose Quartz - An unconditional love stone, self love stone.

Opalite - Childlike joy and glee, new beginnings.

Tiger Eye - For ptotection, also for good luck.

Blue Goldstone - Stone of confidence and ambition.

Black Onyx - Grounding stone, for clear thinking and focus.

These Merkaba's are 12mm in size

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