Mini Mushroom - Labradorite

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Mushrooms can hold a range of symbolic meaning, varying from different cultures and time periods. For many cultures, mushrooms are often associated with growth and transformation, symbolizing personal change and evolution. Their natural growth pattern, emerging from decay and death to give rise to new life, makes them a potent symbol of the cycle of death and rebirth. Additionally, in certain culture, mushrooms are regarded as a representation of fertility and creativity, as they produce vast quantities of spores and signify the emergence of new growth and vitality.

This powerful symbolism captures our imagination and inspires us on our own personal growth journeys, adding Mini Mushrooms to your crystal collections, is therefore a must have!

There are several Mini Mushrooms to choose from, with each offering a different energy depending on the crystal type. Although overall Mushrooms offer the symbolism of growth, each Mini Mushroom will also hold a different energy depending on the crystal type. Choosing the ideal mushroom for yourself depends on what supportive energy you desire at this time, or simply what you feel attracted to the most! Explore our collection of Crystal Mushrooms today and discover a range of options to choose from.



Labradorite is known as the bringer of light, a mystical and protective stone, it assists you in raising consciousness and connecting you to universal energies. Labradorite is great for imaginative thoughts, dreaming, and supporting your third eye chakra.


2 cm tall and 1.7 cm wide

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