Moons and Stars

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For those who are drawn to the lunar energies or the mysteries of the moon, you will love these Crystal Moons and Stars!

Moon shaped crystals are associated with feminine energy, intuition, and the ebb and flow of emotions and cycles. They can help enhance your intuition, promote balance and harmony. Star shaped crystals are associated with hope, guidance, and celestial energies. They can help bring inspiration, motivation, and the sense of divine guidance and love.

Placing Moon and Star crystals on your alter or in your home space can offer an atmosphere of connection, adding a touch of magic and beauty to your spiritual journey.

30mm in size 

Each is unique! You may not receive the exact crystal as shown in photos.

LEPIDOLITE - for calming energy, emotional balance, and promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

FLOWER AGATE - for personal growth, inner strength, and encourage self refection, and self discovery.

OPALITE - to inspire creativity, promote calm and serenity, and connecting to your inner wisdom.

ROSE QUARTZ - a gentle and soothing, fostering forgiveness and unconditional love and compassion. 

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