Crystal Resin Pyramid

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Combining Crystals, Copper, and a Clear Quartz creates the design of these charming Resin Pyramids. Handmade in India, these pyramids have been created for support in your space and home!

Crystal Resin Pyramid help to energize a space and home with the properties of the crystals inside.  These pyramids are created with resin, encasing crystals within.  When the resin dries, it creates pressure onto the crystals, forcing the energy to be emanated out.  Along with the Clear Quartz, the energy is amplified, sending this energy into your space and home. 

Pyramids can help us to tap into ancient times, and inspire our intuitive sides, this combined with the properties of crystals and copper, these Crystal Resin Pyramids offer you a base of calm and stillness into your space and home.  Place beside a computer, or your bed to help assist with your day to day, as well as your sleeping habits.   

AMAZONITE - assists with anxiety, heart healing stone

AMETHYST - assists with spiritual protection, cleanses your energy

TIGER EYE - assists with releasing fear, make decisions with discernment

GREEN AVENTURINE - assists with comfort and emotional calm

SODALITE - assists with writing, inspiration and creativity

HONEY CALCITE - assists with responsibility in leadership and self worth

CARNELIAN - assists with motivation, endurance, and courage



Each Pyramid is 2" tall and 2 3/4" at the base

Made in India

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