Pocket Hug Coin

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Pocket Hug Coins are cherished tokens designed to fit snugly in your pocket as a constant source of love and support. These sentimental keepsakes feature an endearing message and symbolize a warm embrace, especially for those moments when an embrace is needed.

Gift the Pocket Hug Coin to friends and family as a comforting reminder of affection during times of physical separation, during times of stress, or for no particular reason other than to share your love! Offer a heartfelt expression of care and connection, uplift and bring joy to those who you care for, and the Pocket Hug Coin will continue to spread your love and kindness to those who hold them close. 

Extra special, just for you! Buy 2 coins for $8.00

Steel coins in either Silver or Gold finish
30mm in size 
Inscription on back of coin...
"You are awesome, you are loved, you are not alone,
you are tough, you are brave, you are a fighter"

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