Releasing Attachments Package

Releasing Attachments Package

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An exercise and experience in the art of Letting Go!

In this hand gathered and created package, you will find all you need to follow through in this practice. Sometimes letting go is not an easy process!! And by no means will this package magically take away your grief and other emotions, sensations, and experiences while going through a process of releasing. What this package will do however, assist you in practicing and exercising your ability to let go.

This package is intended to help you let go, and become aware of the attachments and connections that we often have and sometimes not even aware of! These could be places, people, and events that have happened in our lives. 

Package includes...

  • Paper Strips      
  • Ribbon
  • Palo Santo Wood
  • Candles and matches
  • Instructuons of how to do this exercise 

This package has supplies to experience this practise for 30 days/times 

Package created by

The Whispering Tree Inc 

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