Sacred Resonance Sound Bath

Sacred Resonance Sound Bath

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- Wednesday, July 10 @ 7pm -


Basking in the calmness of a Sound Bath is truly a blissful experience, a moment to relax, meditate, and rejuvenate. Shauna’s passion for sound baths began over 10 years ago and has since guided her to find her center, peace of mind, and life energy through the use of singing bowls. Over the years, this passion has only deepened, inspiring her to share it with others. Shauna's insight into the varied ways we each find our quiet and calm has led her to embrace sound therapy as her pathway to inner peace, using her singing bowls and sound tools to create a serene and life enhancing experience.


This is what Shauna has to say...

"I used to find peace and restoration through nature, but life changes led me away from these pursuits. During this time, I attended a Sound Bath and discovered a healing and meditative experience that deeply resonated with me. While traditional meditation methods never quite worked for me, sound therapy allowed me to access a quiet, present state within myself.

Sound Baths have been profoundly meditative and healing, helping me relax chronic tension and release long held emotions. They have supported my healing journey through grief and trauma, allowing me to feel more aligned with my true self. Each session is a focus on my personal well being, offering a space where I can reconnect with who I really am. This experience has not only been about relaxation but also about finding a deeper connection to my inner peace and life energy.

Sound Baths have become an essential part of my self care routine, providing a sanctuary where I can let go of stress and embrace a state of tranquility. This journey has allowed me to navigate life with a greater sense of balance and inner calm."

What to expect...

As we settle in, we will prepare to absorb the healing energy of the crystal bowls. Each person vibrates at unique frequencies, and the crystal bowls will affect everyone in different ways. When the crystal bowls are played, they emit vibrations that resonate with our energy, helping to clear blockages and restore balance. By relaxing and immersing yourself in the sounds, you can achieve peace, mental clarity, and calmness. This experience not only relieves stress, tension, and pain, but also allows for the release of trapped or suppressed emotions, promoting overall healing for your body and mind.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in and get comfortable for an hour of listening to crystal bowls, drums, chimes, and other sound tools. Bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket to create your ultimate cozy space. You can choose to lie down, squat, or sit in a chair—whatever makes you most comfortable for this hour-long experience. Additionally, you may want to bring a bottle of water and a journal.

After the sound bath, we'll conclude with a short sharing circle. You can jot down your experience in your journal or share your thoughts with the group. This evening is designed for your enjoyment, and sharing is entirely optional.

Happening on Wednesday, July 10 @ 7pm

Location - The Whispering Tree Studio Space 9022B 108 Street



Please bring your journal, water, and wear comfy clothes! Do not forget your favorite blanket, yoga mat, pillow to allow you to immerse yourself fully into the experience. 

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