Shungite Bracelet

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Shungite is connected to your Root Chakra, and is very grounding.  Being grounding offers you stress relief, and connection to Mother Earth, the sensation of being grounded (for me) is a sense and feeling of home.  Grounding your energy can help you to make clearer choices, and choices that are aligned to the physical realm. 

Shungite is also said to help protect you from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that comes from our phones, tablets, computers, televisions, and everything electronic.  It is said to act as a shield to the EMF's. Shungite acts as a protective stone, protecting your energy from negativity, along with its balancing properties, this is lovely bracelet to wear everyday.



Crystal Bracelets are an amazing way to have your favorite helpful friends with you throughout the day.  There are many traditions to wearing bracelets, in some belief systems, it is required to wear a bracelet to show their faith.  
Bracelets can work as a reminder of the intentions you are setting and the goals you are achieving, or as a fidget when feeling nervous or anxious.  Dress up your day and energy with a bracelet!
Bracelet Care...
This bracelet is made with stretch cord, when putting on your bracelet, roll it onto your wrist, this helps the cord to not over stretch.  Take off your bracelet when showering or bathing, so not to damage the cord or crystal beads.  


Average size of 7", fits most 

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