Miniature Stone Animal

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Hand carved in Peru by Peruvian artisans, each of the Miniature Stone Animal are carved from Onyx.  

Onyx is a banded variety of chalcedony.  With colors ranging from white, grey, browns, and red, this creates a lovely selection of color to the Miniature Stone Animal.  Onyx is known to increase happiness, intuition, promote strength, and assists you in decision making. 


ELEPHANT - Mental strength, stability, royalty, dignity, power

RABBIT - Fertility, sentiment, movement in leaps, sense which path is success or danger

WOLF - Teacher, pathfinder, working with others, survival, and social life

CAT - Independence, curiosity, cleverness, and healing

FROG - Renewal, metamorphosis, good luck, abundance 

BEAR - Introspection, grounding, strength, playful and stoic 

TURTLE - Determination, patience, wisdom, abundance, taking it one step at a time 

OWL - Wisdom, power, intuition, mystery, protection, messages, and changes 

DOLPHIN - Luck, transformation, intelligence, and friendship 

SQUIRREL - Curiosity, fun, resourcefulness, playfulness, and balance of work and play 


STONE ANIMAL are 2.5 to 5 cm in height 

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