Tibetan Prayer Flags

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Tibetan Prayer flags with long standing traditions and beliefs have been used for centuries...written prayer on cloth. 

These Tibetan Prayer flags are a horizontal prayer flag, also known as Lung Ta. Colorful squares or rectangular shaped flags connected to a string at the top of each flag. These flags have several meanings to them, from the color to the symbolism. 

There are five colors in the Tibetan Prayer flag and are arranged from left to right. 

Blue, White, Red, Green and Yellow. These five colors represent the five elements, as follows...

Blue - Sky 
White - Air 
Red - Fire
Green - Water 
Yellow - Earth 

Health and harmony are attained with balance of the five elements, according to Traditional Tibetan Medicine. 

The center on each flag depicts Lung Ta, a strong and powerful horse, and is surrounded by Mantras, prayers for compassion, generosity and much more. 

Tibetan Prayer flags, I have thought, were used for sending a prayer out. The actual tradition of these beauties is to spread compassion and well being to all. They do not bring prayers up to the heavens, they are meant to bring good will wherever they hung. The flags are hung from high places, such as trees, poles, tops of sanctuaries. As the wind travels through the flags, they slowly disintegrate, spreading positive intentions!

It is considered disrespectful for these flags to touch the ground. They are often hung with both old and new flags, representing the flow of life, how old moves out while new is being restored. Keep a positive mindset when hanging these flags, honoring the purpose of them and their traditions. Auspicious times to hang your Tibetan Prayer flags are on sunny days, windy days, Spring, New Year. 

According to Tibetan traditions, it is inauspicious to purchase your own flags. These prayer flags are meant to be gifted, offering kindness. And yes...asking your friend to purchase on your behalf works!! 

SMALL - Flags measure about 3 x 3 1/2” with 10 flags on the string
MEDIUM - Flags measure about 5 x 5 1/2”” with 10 flags on the string
LARGE - Flags measure about 6 x 6 1/2”with 25 flags on the string 

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