Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

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Tiger Eye is an excellent stone for balancing between extremes.  The energy of this stone helps you to find your power and wisdom.  When in a space of toxic emotions, this stone can assist in keeping your mind focused on your true desires. Helps with healing issues of self worth and self value. 

When feeling stuck, creativity or otherwise, Tiger Eye can assist you in finding the fires of passion once again. Serves as a compass for you to find the light within the darkness, offering direction and drive to move forward with what you truly and deeply desire. 

A stone of vitality and strength, helping you find practicality, fairness and discernment.  Promoting mental clarity and focus, assisting you in problem solving, dispelling fear and anxiety.  A wonderful grounding stone. 


Between 1/2” to 1” in size

Stones sold individually

🌿Due to the natural nature of stones, shapes, sizes, and colors can range.  The stone you receive may not be exactly as shown in picture.  Sizing is approx.

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