Totem Animal Stones

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 A journey of discovery awaits you with the Totem Animal Stones. These stones are thoughtfully chosen for you, each carrying the energy of an animal totem. From the wisdom of the owl to the luck of the ladybug, these totem stones invite you to connect to your Animal Totem and with the qualities that resonate within you. 

As life's chapters unfold, your totem animal may change as well! From one pathway to the next, the animal that walks along side you are there to assist you along your journey. These lovely Totem Animal Stones serve as a beautiful keepsake of these moments, they also transform into worry stones, becoming a mindful tool for centering and grounding. 

What wisdom and inspiration of the Animal Totem Stone weave into the fabric of your daily life?


Canada Goose - guardian, clarity Bear - power, cunning
Frog - peace, rebirth Deer - kindness, sensitivity
Hummingbird - joy, magic Dragonfly - immortality, agility
Horse - power, endurance Elk - strength, freedom
Bison - power, abundance Cougar - leadership, courage
Spider - ingenuity, creativity Ram - curiosity, presence
Salmon - persistence, determination Turtle - protection, longevity
Eagle - divinity, vision Orca - ancient wisdom, guardian
Moose - steadfast, solitude Bear Paw - strength, power
Dog - loyalty, friendship Dolphin - intelligence, playfulness
Butterfly - transformation, beauty Salamander - passion, agility
Coyote - bright, playful Rabbit - renewal, alertness
Hawk - insight, awareness Heron - grace, awareness
Cat - independence, intuition Kokopelli - abundance, fertility
Wolf Paw - guidance, success Owl - wisdom, vision
Wolf - loyalty, perseverance  Snake - shrewdness, transformation
Ladybug - luck, protection

Animal Totem Stones feature different animals and come in various crystals! Your Animal Totem Stone will be chosen just for you, the perfect match for your journey right now

Animal Totem Stones are 30 - 40 mm in size

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