Water Bell Fountain

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A favorite for many, The Water Bell Fountain help you create a peaceful space within your home or office! Water turns two floating bells around the bowl, which gently chime.  Sigh... such a soothing sound! The gentle trickling of water further enhances the tranquil feels of The Water Bell Fountain.

Sound Therapy is used in many different ways, from drum circles, to singing bowls, from individual sessions to group sessions, sound helps to soothe the senses, calm the nerves, offering the feels of peace in your space.  The element of water brings in the energy of flow, to have motion in our emotions, and movement in our journeys.  The Water Element is associated with birth, rebirth, fertility, and refreshment! Combining the sounds of these gentle chimes along with the element of water with The Water Bell Fountain is (in my opinion) the perfect combination for meditation spaces, yoga rooms, or any space that you desire to create peace and harmony! Make your fountain your own by adding river stones and your favorite crystals! 

You have two amazing options to choose from, a Water Bell Fountain with a Regular Bowl, or the added beauty of a Copper Bowl.  Each of these are a grand addition to your Zen spaces. Although both create beautiful sounds, the Copper Water Bell Fountain has the added touch of a teared water fountain.  You can listen to the difference in the sound tracks below!

Does not include river stones 
Can order for in store pick up
or have it shipped to your door
 Listen to the precious sound of the
Water Bell Fountain with Regular Bowl!

Listen to the precious sound of the
Water Bell Fountain with Copper Bowl!


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