White, Blue Sage w/ Yerba Mixed Smudge

White, Blue Sage w/ Yerba Mixed Smudge

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This mixed bundled Smudge Stick includes White Sage, Blue Sage, and Yerba Santa, a wonderful combination that will cover many areas in your cleansing ceremonies, and when cleansing your space. 

White Sage offers cleansing and purfication, assisting you in cleaning up your space and giving it a fresh clean feel.

Blue Sage is a purifying herb, that also cleanses, and offers you the energy of a peaceful, soothing, relaxing feel.  A Sage that also assists with magical elements.

Yerba Santa is known for its healing powers and is used for protection and purification.  

The combination of all three creates a whole balanced smudge stick, offering you many levels of cleansing and purification in your home, space, ceremonies, and practices.

These sage bundles are burned, the smoke is used in a smudging ceremony or sacred spaces. White Sage has been known to cleanse, purify, and protect a space from negative energies. Light the bundle to produce an ember and create smoke, the smoke is then pushed around with use of a feather or fan to cleanse. Smudging can also cleanse stones, yourself, and other Sacred tools. Often used before a ceremony to cleanse yourself of the outside world. 

The dried herb can also be used as a blessing inside Medicine Bags or an offering of healing. 

For one bundle. 

Bundles are approx 4” in length.

*Always use caution when smudging, do not leave unattended 



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