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Used to promote a sense of comfort and calmness, Worry Stones are small, smooth, and flat stones that sit nicely between the thumb and index finger. These relaxation tools are used by placing the Worry Stone between your index finger and thumb, allowing you to gently rub your thumb on the stone. The polished and cool texture of a worry stone is designed to provide a sense of physical comfort. The simple action of rubbing a worry stone helps to soothe emotions, promote focus, and offer a moment of mindfulness. 

Worry Stones are made from a variety of crystal types, including Bloodstone and Tiger Eye. Selecting the ideal worry stone for you is easy. Just choose the crystal that resonates with your energy needs at the moment. When selecting the right crystal, you harness the energy that will best suit your needs in calming your worries and easing your stress. 

Worry Stones can come in a variety of options! 

Clear Quartz - A Master Healing Stone

Tiger Eye - for protection, perseverance, strength

Yellow Aventurine - for creative energies, focusing, manifesting

Black Jasper - for grounding, protection, mental clarity

Red Aventurine - for stamina, empowerment, vitality 

Labradorite - for intuition, dreaming, transformation

Golden Healer - for healing, stabilizing, rays of the sun

Bloodstone - for courage, motivation, courage

Unakite - for compassion, balance, steady progress

Turquoise - for balance, alignment, truth, courage

Safari Jasper - for nurturing, grounding, relaxing

Between 1.25” to 1.5”  in size

Sold individually

Stones are wonderfully individual from one to the next.  Each of these beauties can range in color and variations! You will receive your perfect Worry Stone, and will not be exactly as shown in photo

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