Worry Stones

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Worry Stones are oval shaped stones with an indentation for your thumb. Used across many cultures, and dating back many years, Worry Stones are an aid to help reduce stress, anxiety, and worry.

Used as a fidget, hold the Worry Stone between your index finger and thumb, rubbing the stone with your thumb.  This simple action can help calm and soothe your nerves during stressful moments, such as exams, difficult conversations, as a healthy alternative to nail biting, or as an everyday stress release tool. Worry Stones are also useful for meditation practices, giving you a focus point during meditation.  

Keep them in your pocket, in your purse, on your desk, or beside your bed to help you relax before sleep. A wonderfully shaped stone to have when you need that “something” to fidget with! 

Worry Stones can come in a variety of options! 

Amethyst - A peaceful and calming stone, connection to higher self.

Rose Quartz - An unconditional love stone, self love stone.

Clear Quartz - A Master Healing Stone.

Moss Agate - Connection with Earth energy, grounding.

Lapis Lazuli - Third eye stone, for intuition and imagination.

Black Tourmaline - A protection stone, grounding. 

Rainbow Moonstone - A for harmony, balance, and hope.

Selenite Master cleansing stone, calming and deepens meditation.

Sunstone - A joyful stone, for individuality and letting yourself shine.

Green Aventurine - Heart healing stone, encourages compassion.


Between 1.25” to 1.5”  in size

Sold individually

Stones are wonderfully individual from one to the next.  Each of these beauties can range in color and variations! 

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