Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

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Jasper overall is a nurturing stone, Yellow Jasper can help with releasing emotions, and stimulates the Solar Chakra.  This happy yellow stone can assist you in finding happiness and connecting to this happiness within yourself. A helpful stone to have when feeling stressed, anxious,  or overwhelmed.

This stone is a good stone to have when traveling, as it offers protection in this space.

Helps you to move forward on your path and in life, taking one step at a time.  Assists in clearing the mind to have more focus on direction.  A good stone for those who find themselves worrying often about people or situations.


Between 1/2” to 3/4” in size

Stones sold individually

🌿Due to the natural nature of stones, shapes, sizes, and colors can range.  The stone you receive may not be exactly as shown in picture.  Sizing is approx.

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