Mala Mantra Counter

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Mala Mantra Counter

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Mala Mantra Counters have been created with the intention to assist you in finding peace and calm throughout your day.  Handmade with Chakra beads, representing each of the energetic spaces of your body.  The Mala Mantra Counter Ring also includes one Hematite and one Quartz, representing the Yin Yang balance.  

Taking 5 minutes here and there throughout your day can assist you with being present in your life, assist you in moments of anxiety and stress, helping you in moments of difficult emotions, or to enhance your meditative practices further.


Mala Mantra Counters are used for counting breaths, mantras, I AM statements, or simply as a fidget to help calm nerves and stresses from the day.  The Mala Mantra Counter Ring is made with 9 beads, and one Guru bead.  To use, simply take a deep breath while rolling the bead between your fingers.  For the Mala Mantra Counter String, made with 9 beads, start at one end, taking a deep breath while rolling the end beads, and sliding the interior beads.   


RING - 9 beads with one Guru bead

STRING - 9 beads



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