Fluorite Bracelet

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Attributes & Properties...

Fluorite can come in a variety of translucent colors, such as green (the most common), purple, blue/aqua, pink, and yellow.  A wonderful crystal that acts as an Auric Vacuum cleaner, taking out all that is no longer useful or negative to your being.  

Fluorite assists you with improving concentration, and therefore a good aid for studying and expanding your knowledge.  A good helper for making decisions and discernment, Fluorite serves you to find the best choices for yourself and building your self confidence.  When used in a group setting, Fluorite helps to bring the focus of the group into sync for creating unity.


Crystal Bracelets are an amazing way to have your favorite helpful friends with you throughout the day.  There are many traditions to wearing bracelets, in some belief systems, it is required to wear a bracelet to show their faith.  
Bracelets can work as a reminder of the intentions you are setting and the goals you are achieving, or as a fidget when feeling nervous or anxious.  Dress up your day and energy with a bracelet! 

Bracelet Care...

This bracelet is made with stretch cord, when putting on your bracelet, roll it onto your wrist, this helps the cord to not over stretch.  Take off your bracelet when showering or bathing, so not to damage the cord or crystal beads.  


- Stretch -

Average size of 7", fits most 

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